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Want to learn Chinese language for personal or professional reasons? Looking for a reputed coaching and training institute in New Delhi to learn the new Chinese language? The Oracle International Language Institute is the one stop platform and one of the best language training institutes proffering courses in Chinese and other foreign languages at basic, intermediate and advanced level. We have Chinese personnel and trainers to help students, youth and others learn Chinese language and the curriculum is been devised by them only considering the effective teaching approaches and updates that could assist them in learning at a quicker pace. Our priority is always on teaching students and candidates on learning skills covering all four major aspects that is reading, writing, listening and speaking. During the entire training of the course, we keep a close eye on all candidates and learners to map their progress and assist each one of them in the best possible way out.

Why do you want to learn and enrol for the Chinese Language Course with Oracle International Language Institute? The key features of learning the Chinese language are as been mentioned in below:

  1. 1. Learn one of the most popular languages preferred by many worldwide – Chinese language is been among one of the most and vastly spoken languages in the world. As per the stats, over 1 billion people worldwide used to speak Chinese and the number is been on the rise with every year. Also, the language is easy to learn and speak, and the grammar is also not very critical.
  2. 2. To acquire more number of opportunities – The country China is known to have the second biggest economy in the world. Certainly, learning the language will open doors to more job opportunities around the world. Also, having mentioned that Chinese language course certification on your resume will provide you an edge over others for sure.
  3. 3. Expand your world – Learning the new language Chinese means to get indulged in the new culture and get a different experience altogether. While learning it, you will feel like you are experiencing it and that too from a very close angle. If you are an avid traveller, having knowledge of how to speak and write Chinese will assist you a lot as the language is been spoken by many around. If you are a foodie, then also the language will help in trying different kinds of cuisines and meals. In all, learning Chinese could broaden your world.

At Oracle International Language Institute, we offer our training and learning sessions as per the following:

  1. 1. Private Sessions – It lets candidate learn one-on-one with the instructor at his or her own pace. The instructor chooses study material with caution, plan sessions accordingly meant to efficiently meet with the students’ aims and keep up with the individual’s learning and grabbing style.
  2. 2. Group programs – It lets students to study and learn in a group of maximum 20 participants. The course material and sessions are devised accordingly meeting the needs of them to the fullest.
  3. 3. Custom made programs – The customized programs are meant for those who want to achieve the proficiency in the language but do not have much time like others to do that. The course material and sessions are planned in the same way, but with quicker course delivery meant to complete the same in a stipulated time span as per the requirement of the student.

Are you planning to give the Chinese Language proficiency test that is HSK? There are three levels of the test that could be given and prepared for including HSK1, HSK2 and HSK3 that will help in evolving at a personal and professional level. If you are one of them who is preparing for the same, our institute can help you. Our trainers’ emphasis is always on letting our students and professionals learn the language in a way that they can speak and write with proficiency. To get more information, feel free to contact us anytime at or call us at 9953988288. We look forward to hear from you.


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