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Want to learn and speak German? Looking for a reputed and good coaching and training institute in New Delhi that can help you in learning, speaking and writing German language at a quicker pace? Oracle International Language Institute is one of the best and ideal platforms where you can enrol and opt for German language course. The language German is been counted among one of the ten most spoken languages worldwide. As per the stats, more than 185 million people across the globe speak German fluently. There is no need to speak and learn German in case you want to study in a college in Germany but having some knowledge and acquiring fluency in the language is always helpful and could make anybody’s life simpler and hassle free and get used to around the country. Also, for professionals, having knowledge of how to speak and write in German is good as it open more job prospects for them. Foreign languages are increasingly been sought after by employers these days all around. No matter whether you join one-on-one session with the German instructor or enrol for group sessions or seek for some tailor made exclusively for you, learning German language course could be interesting, fun and knowledgeable at the same time.

From the very first session, our instructor is going to assist you in building your vocabulary and ascertain about how the language works. Our trainers use different learning methodologies and approaches to make you learn the language without any problem and at a faster pace. The German language course will not emphasize only on speaking and listening skills, but also on the grammar, reading and writing skills that will assist you in the learning the language with proficiency. The sessions will be conducted in German and the instructions will be provided in English or Dutch, if essential. Once the sixth module will be done, students will be able to interact professionally and proficiently with everyone in German, from speaking to writing to listening to understanding.

German Language Course Modules offered at Oracle International Language Institute:

  1. 1. Module 1 – It is right for all those candidates who have no basic knowledge of German. In this module, emphasis will be given to let candidates learn the basics of German grammar, build a vocabulary that lets to read, speak and understand simple sentences.
  2. 2. Module 2 and 3 – The module is meant for those who have completed the previous module and have basic knowledge of the language German. In these modules, further emphasis will be given to build the vocabulary of candidates, providing them with a better understanding of German grammar, and address on more complicated issues and topics of interaction.
  3. 3. Module 4 and 5 – In Module 4, students will learn how to give presentations in German language, carry on discussions with native people, bring up more discussions in the session, etc. In Module 5, students will learn more to express their thoughts in the German in discussions, debates and talks, present notions in interviews, work on written assignments and give special emphasis on grammar, etc.
  4. 4. Module 6 – It is the final module that focuses on letting students learn speak and write German in a fluent and professional way.

Once the modules are completed, students will be provided with professional and reckoned certification and credits in German language course. If you want to assess the level of proficiency afterwards, there are German tests that you can take and check it by yourself. Are you interested in enrolling for German language course with our coaching and training institute? Want to get further information regarding the same? We are here to help. Feel free to contact us at 9953988288 or write down your requirements at We look forward to hear from you.


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